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The Acoustic Guitar Review

The Acoustic Guitar Review


It’s Time for Some Detroit Rock City


Free shows planned consistently

DETROIT - On Dream Cruise end of the week, dream autos will be highlighted at the specific beginning of M-1 from Hart Plaza, up Woodward to Campus Martius.

"Engine City Muscle" needs to muscle in on auto sweethearts around the local area for the end of the week funly. Such a significant number of apparatus heads are cruising Woodward, why not voyage the distance to downtown Detroit for an end of the week commending the muscle autos we cherish and the stone n-move we played out of the radios.

Free shows are booked consistently, including Fishbone and Molly Hatchet on Sunday.

Engine City Muscle is a festival of shake and muscle autos. It runs Friday-Sunday in downtown Detroit.

It is focused at Hart Plaza, and stretches up along Woodward to Campus Martius. Engine City Muscle was booked an indistinguishable end of the week from the Woodward Dream Cruise as coordinators would like to give auto fans motivation to come into Detroit.

There are seven phases, and in excess of 120 exhibitions anticipated. Hard shake is the topic of the celebration.

Main events are planned at 10:15 p.m. every day in Hart Plaza.

Main events include:

  • Dead Kennedys (Friday)
  • Kiss' Ace Frehley (Saturday)
  • Detroit's Sponge (Sunday)

Molly Hatchet, the Rev. Horton Heat, Fishbone, Warrior Soul and Death are additionally reserved for the fundamental stage. There will be another stage committed to tribute groups.

The celebration keeps running from twelve to midnight every day and is free.

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